Penang Ultra Marathon 84.5km ペナン島一周マラソンへの記録

初のウルトラにスポンサーがついた! ネパールの子供達の為に ペナン島一周マラソンに挑戦する記録


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The D Day

First of all, Big thank You to Kathmandu™for allowing me to enter this challenge.
It all began with your Summit Club Adventure sponsorship.

To run an Ultra, you need to train to run long distances.
To do so, you need to find a time to run regularly.
Which changed my daily life style to a better one .
Running 85 km is not just a run .
I needed kms and kms of training for more than 5 months.
I ran very early morning, afternoon and night, actually I run whenever possible.
I also trained a eat and run strategy to adjust my stomach for ultra distance running.

The D-Day;
September 26, 9 PM.
There was 3 categories : 50km 84.5km 100km.
About 650 participants.
8:57 pm, we headed out to go around the Penang Island, Malaysia.



It's a rainy season here and rain storm was expected at any time , day or night,
we were so fortunate that had no rain through the night.
The humidity was high but thanks to my heat training in Tokyo during July and August, I could care less about the temperature and humidity.

The 84.5km race was divided by 7 check points.
Each check point has its own cut off time and everyone has to arrive at the check point before the cut off time.
Penang Island is not exactly flat, there is some hills and ups and downs but the course itself is on the paved road.
Saturday night traffic was heavy in a city and we were escorted by traffic officers and many volunteers, making sure our safely passage.



After the check point 3, we were finally off the busy streets and went through some quiet villages.
It was a full moon night and we had a nice view of the town lights from the top of the hill and running through the quietest part of the island around 5 am.


The sun came up at 7 am. I was still running strongly watching the ocean on my left.
Unfortunately the sea is not so clean here, but at least it looked refreshing.

We were back to the busy traffic, yes we are back in to the city. The finishing looming near.
A gentleman on the side of the road said " you've been running 12 hours " .
I never cared how long I have run or how much I needed to run until this time.
I just wanted to make it to next cut off, then here I was, I was almost there!


Picking up more speed before the finish, I passed few runners and at last, I met the finishing tape.
Thank god, I made it. What a relief !

The time keeper came and told me that I finished number 4 in overall women.
What a way to finish my first challenge, my very first Ultra Marathon race.
Thank you everyone who believed in me and made a donation to my fund raising to support Wide Open Vistas.


Thank you Kathmandu for the great gear.
My top wear was quick dry and I never felt uncomfortable through the humid condition.
The head light was very light in weight but strong enough to shine the way all through the night.
Your wear is so comfortable and it became my second skin.



My first challenge finished with smile.
Last but not least, Thank you to my lovely husband for all your support. I couldn't have done it without you.

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Who am I プロフィール


これは 2015年9月 初ウルトラでペナンウルトラに出走し、4位に入賞した記録です。

御協力 よろしくお願いします。

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I've been running many marathon around the world.
This is my very first Ultra event and also the first fundraising run.
I run for my own challenge and for kids in Nepal.

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